JEI AutoTask New Ticket Form
• There will be a minimum charge of $100.00 on ANY equipment worked on.
• As per Section 8 of Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation by the CRTC you give Jolee Electronics Inc. permission to load computer programs to assist in repairing/maintaining your computer and/or data stored within it.
• By providing contact information, including an E-Mail address you give Jolee Electronics Inc. permission to communicate with you using the information provided. Your information will not be resold to 3rd parties.
• Jolee Electronics Inc. is not held liable for any errors that may occur due to file loss or corruption.
• We do offer to do a full back up of the old computer, written to a flash drive or external hard drive that you may keep. This is done at $150/hour at your location, or $90/hour in Jolee Electronics Inc. offices.
• Data Transfer is done at a charge of $100.
• Windows Operating System reload is $150.
• Any additional programs that need to be loaded at the customer’s request will be charged $20 per program.
• Computers that are not picked up within 3 months will be recycled or disposed of.
• Jolee Electronics Inc. employees have the right to refuse a data transfer of any offensive material and a charge of $150 will apply to any data transfer that subjects our employees to offensive material.
• Any equipment which is supplied by Jolee Electronics Inc. carries a 1-year limited warranty. Warranty applies to equipment only. Warranty does not cover labour or mileage.
• While Jolee Electronics Inc. makes its best efforts and uses only equipment approved by its technicians, due to the nature of the internet, networking and hardware failure Jolee Electronics Inc. provides no guarantee against the loss of data. This includes but is not limited to files, data bases, records and e-mail.
• Jolee Electronics Inc. recommends that all machines be regularly checked by way of routine inspection by trained technicians for viruses and malware that may be affecting performance of your equipment and may lead to the loss and deletion of data.
• Jolee Electronics Inc. offers no guarantee and accepts no liability in the event of viruses causing any losses to client’s machines.
• There are no additional oral or collateral representations other than those which are specifically included in this repair form.
• Our turnaround time is a minimum of 48 hours, if the work is done before this timeline, you will be called sooner.
• All work is done subject to Jolee Electronics Inc. Terms and Conditions.

Payment/Overdue Accounts:
• A 65% deposit is required on all jobs in excess of $2000.
• Unless prior arrangements are made, payment is due upon collection of equipment, or completion of onsite work.
• Overdue accounts will be subject to interest of 36% per annum (3% per month or portion thereof).

By creating a ticket you are indicating your acceptance of these terms and conditions.